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Bullies!Hetalia X Bullied!Reader Ch. 20
Chapter 20
The next morning, (Name) made her way to her locker, keeping a lookout for Ivan or any of her other tormentors. She had been on edge since her encounter with the taller classmate, and probably the best way to avoid Ivan was to avoid his older sister as well.
Not that she needed an excuse to do that. Being alone with the woman was awkward and tense enough as it was. With Ivan looming overhead, it made it all the more terrifying.
(Name) stepped up to her locker, thankful that no one had stepped up to bother her yet.
"Hey... (Name)?"
The girl turned to see Kiku standing with his older brother. She quirked a brow in confusion as the pony-tailed teen approached. "So... I kinda pissed Alfred off yesterday."
Her eyes widened in shock at the news. "Why the hell would you do that?" (Name) mumbled, her gaze shifting around to see if said American was around.
Yao let out a sigh, meeting her gaze. "I... I got tired of how they were treating you... Especially when they had no re
:iconmangafan23:mangafan23 163 73
(Commission) SwedenxIntimidating!Male!Reader
Lonely Souls
    High school was hard, and it was harder when you did not have a ton of friends to hang around with. Life could definitely get lonely sometimes, but it was not your fault everyone thought you were intimidating. You were used to people generally staying away from you because they were scared. You never did anything to really deserve that title except for maybe that time you got a bit mad at another student once a few years ago. You guessed you looked really scary that day and everyone deemed you as intimidating ever since. It did not help that you were kind of shy and quiet, adding to that mysterious and scary demeanor.
    Your name is (Name) (Last name), a simple boy attending Hetalia High. Standing at (height) with piercing (color) eyes and (short/long) (color) hair, people thought you looked pretty scary.
    Actually, that reminds you of another boy a
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 21 2
May Day Part-ay by JazzLassie6020 May Day Part-ay :iconjazzlassie6020:JazzLassie6020 59 24
Businessman!Norway x Reader
As soon as we arrived home, I stormed out of the car and headed straight to our room hitting the bed before my husband starts lecturing me of my attitude earlier this evening. Plopping down face flat on the bed, I kicked my heels off and dug myself deeper on the soft mattress without minding my dress still annoyingly clinging unto me. I groaned my frustrations and pressed my head against the pillow. Shortly after, I was out of breath. Raising my head a bit was the only answer to my suffocation without inching off from my position atop the bed and I tilted my head to the side to let air normally in my lungs.
  Tears stung my eyes and I sniffed them back in before I damp this bed in yet another round of my emotional break downs. And Lukas would not want that. His wife should know how to hold up even under the humiliation.
   But how could I when they are sniffing deeper on my own demons and slapping it on my face how much of a gold digger
:iconblahblahbruh:BlahBlahBruh 22 0
Denmark x Reader - Forever Yours.
You stared at the Danish man in front of you. The ring he held out wasn't what was catching your attention. The desperate, terrified, and hopeful expressions mixed together into one on the face of Matthias was what caught it. He sounded so sincere, he was.. He bit his lip and his forehead creased more as your silence was drawn out. 
You tilted your head and gave a light laugh. You stroked his cheek. "Oh, Matthias, why would you ever think I'd ever say no?" 
"You sure its not just for pity?" You rolled your eyes and kissed him. 
"You just proposed, love. I just said yes. Take my answer, put the ring on my finger, and kiss me!" He grinned and slipped the pretty ring on your left hand. You kissed him again before his eyes widened and be pushed you away.
"I'm sick, like really sick, you shouldn't be kissing me!" You gave him a teasing pout. As you stood up he fell into a coughing fit that he seemed to have been holding back. His face turned red as he wheezed. You quickly lea
:iconawesomeprussianess:AwesomePrussianess 57 9
Canada! Reader x Denmark
Canada! Reader x Denmark
      You sighed and buried your head farther into your hoodie. Everyone at the World Meeting was arguing again, and as usual, you were invisible. No one even noticed when you walked out of the room to get some fresh air. You sat down on a bench, leaned againist the wall, and decided to doze off.
~This is-a Italiano Timeskip brought-a by Ita-chan and-a his-a pasta~
     When you awoke, a pair of bright baby blue eyes were looking at you. Startled, you yelped and buried your face into Kumajiro. Shyly, you muttered out, "H-Hello."  
     "Hej uhm... is your name again..?" He says while awkwardly scratching the back of his head. "I'm Canada, my name's (Y/N)..."
     "Oh riiiiiiiiight, don't worry, I knew that!" He replies grinning. You were about to ask him who he was, but Kuma beat you there. Popping her head out, Kuma asked, "Who are you?"
:iconasianwolfiegirl528:AsianWolfieGirl528 25 4
NorwayXReader - Verdant Grove
Tales had been told throughout history of the guardian deities of the forest, keepers of the life living within and protectors of the trees and rivers. You had long been the core of mystery; the origins of the two spirits and where you came from, your purpose and the source of your immortality. You had also been attributed different names as time crawled forward; gaian, faunus, dryad, gods even. These names and stories were forever irrelevant to the two of you; though this knowledge had long been lost to the mortal races of humanity, you knew yourselves only as Lukas and (Name), living in harmony with the Earth and each other, drawing from her power and restoring life and peace to the nature you surrounded yourselves with.
The two of you were not together through bonds of duty or obligation; there was something different, something deeper linking the two of you - something you could never break, even if you ever wanted to. Under the loving gaze of your shared Mother Earth, you fulfille
:iconrussianrevolution:RussianRevolution 13 4
Late Night Dancing (2)
Russia x Fem! Reader
Late Night Dancing
>Part one<
Part two
(c) Hetalia
        Ivan had it in his mind that he had to make his best impression on this woman, not only because she was an Underling of one Alfred's, but because he felt a slight admiration for this woman. She had already given him the impression of a hard worker, but also as Toris had mentioned she was kind, or well close to something of the sort.
   The night was crisp, cold and of course, it was dark. Sticking his hands in his pockets the Russian male glanced over to [first name]. The silence was not awkward, or tense for either of them as if they had known each other for longer than the fifteen minutes they had actually come into contact.
   "So where are you from?" Ivan asked, shifting a bit as they walked, his head tilting off to the side for a brief moment. That light blonde hair of hi
:iconsuicidec-at:SuicideC-at 8 10
Persistent!FrancexCountry!Reader: Stalker-Love
...He was following you again. 
Your movements grew rushed as you turned the corner, trying to walk faster and faster-
"(Name), mon amour! Won't you let me take you out to dinner tonight~?" He asked in a singsong voice as he looked for you, running around the world conference building carrying a bouquet of roses. You groaned. No matter how many times you had told him no, punched him in the face, or just yelled at him that you didn't like him, he just never stopped chasing you. Secretly, you were a little pleased that someone liked you enough to do all that for you, but he honestly got on your nerves sometimes.
Noticing a shadow turn in the direction you were standing, you immediately stood like a prairie dog on alert, and when you heard that strange laugh of his, you turned and ran as fast as you can. After all, even though his laugh may have sounded comforting to many people, his face while laughing did not have the same effect. Basically, trying to avoid him and all of his perve
:iconnovae-luna:Novae-Luna 37 25
(Nordicsxchubby!reader){contest entry} a new pool
"(name)!" your mother called from the bottom of the stairs, "we were going to head over to our friends house. they just put a pool in their back yard. wanna come? could be fun."
"which friends?" you asked, even though it wouldn't really matter, none of your parents friends had kids your age or really any one for you to talk to.
"Holly's place." right. silly you, she had been talking about that pool for a year now.
"sure! i'll come. be right down." you could hear her steps return to what ever they were doing before. you hopped off of your bed and began to dig through drawers. you may or may not still have that swim suit... no, you found it, good.
it wasn't the most flattering, considering that it was a year old and in that time your body had, of course, changed a little. still fit though and it's not like any one there will be judging you or anything. the people there would have known you since your birth. and common, it was about inner beauty!... still though, you needed a new suit.
:iconkatyclassylady:katyclassylady 244 47
Little fish 6 [Child!America x Child!Mer!Denmark]
The next morning, Mathias slowly woke up.
the first thing he noticed, it was that the water was warm.
Like the water around the surface in "Summer" like Valentin said.
Wait ....
"VALENTIN! TATI!" Mathias fully woke up and panicked.
He had weird things wrapped around his arms with odd ropes coming out as well as some strange stringed succion cups all over his torso.
He tried to move, only for finding himself strtapped down.
Out of fear, he shrieked loudly.
"Woah! Allen! The little merboy is awake!" One of his coworker said.
Allen and Gwen rushed up to the tank where the little creature was in.
"Holy sh-t! What's that noise!!!!" Allen yelped
The tank was cracking up.
"We have to anesthetize him again!" Allen said.
"No! he's only a child and you'll risk to kill him!" Gwen argued.
"Then what do you suggest?" Allen asked.
"I'm getting in." Gwen said, taking up a wet suit. "Plus the poor dear must
:iconiggyalfi2319:IggyAlfi2319 4 0
Kitsune!JapanxReader || Hitogotchi 1
    It was really time, (Name) thought as she approached the front door of the large corporate building in front of her. There was a large sign out front that read, ‘Agency of Monster Caretakers’, which may seem a bit strange to the average person. However, this world is inhabited by monsters, and although some are rather benevolent and can live day to day in the human world, most need a caretaker to play with and feed them from time to time. Caretakers help to keep the more malicious monsters preoccupied and also teaches them not to go around killing people or causing trouble in general; which I’m sure you are not surprised, can be a problem.
    This agency was the head of this whole plan, sending out different caretakers for week long assignments to take care of monsters of all different species and origins. It was dangerous, (Name) figured, because the agency was constantly looking for new caretakers
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 32 25
England x Pilot!Reader || Von [L/n]'s Express (1)
Italy, 1943 – During the early fall season of fall of 1943, the Western Allies invaded the Italian mainland, following an Italian armistice with the Allies. Germany responded by disarming Italian forces, seizing military control of Italian areas and creating a series of defensive lines.  (At least that’s what Wikipedia says. Hahaha~)
On a day piloting the air through German Occupied Italy, it wasn’t strange for planes from both sides of the war passed through the town in which the story takes place. However, there will be one plane that will be shot down. That’s exactly what happened when a plane already burning from its tail wings, possibly about to crash not far from the village it will be crash landing at. Villagers looked up at the sky to bear witness the falling plane, not an ordinary plane filled with supplies, but an American plane.
Some Italians noticed this and started yelling, “Americano! Americano!” and gra
:iconagerose15:agerose15 27 9
The Son of the Sea - Dragon!Iceland x Reader
~ The Overture ~
. . .
"Mm . . ."
. . .
A soft murmur pierced the clockwork rumble of the carriage's wheels treading over the rocky path. The weary traveler stirred in his sleep, craning his neck to lean on the walls of the lush, velvet lined carriage. So accustomed was this traveler used to the periodic jolts and jumps of the thin wooden wheels as it rolled over stones and pebbles, shards of steel and whatnots. It was no surprise that this creature was able to sleep soundly even throughout any peace or chaos.
. . .
"Nngh . . ."
. . .
The traveler stirred again; agitated by the absence of the rocky path's playful shoves as the carriage rolled onto smooth ground. How long has it been since this creature has stepped foot outside of this luxurious centaur-driven carriage? No one was quite sure for this creature has been commuting from one city to the next for quite some time. Not once did this traveler stop to take in the sights or receive some proper sleep at a nearby inn or
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 49 25
England x Vampire!Reader- Crimson Confidante- Ch6
Crimson Confidante
England x Vampire! Reader
Ch.6 - Acceptance
AN- Want updates faster? Leave me a comment on what you thought! I tend to want to write more often when I converse with people on the stories I'm writing! :)
When Arthur had stated, “I’m your boyfriend now, which means I get to cook something for you.” You had not thought much of it: just your sweet new British boyfriend doing something nice for you after well… everything that went down with Alfred.
However… you soon found out that Arthur… had his own unique strengths and weaknesses… and cooking was not one of his strong points. You were sure he was just making scones not trying to start an apartment fire. But nonetheless… your apartment had soon been engulfed into flames and you scrambled to grab what little items you could carry (shoving many items into Arthur’s hands as well). The fire department showed up relatively soon, and while the damage was minimal… your
:iconthecomicgal:TheComicGal 37 30
APH: Spring is here by StarlitHoliday APH: Spring is here :iconstarlitholiday:StarlitHoliday 71 24


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